Half face fix joist hanger

Half joist hangers are used by pairs to secure joist with width between 36 and 140 mm, and height between 97 and 300 mm.

These half hangers can be set on opposit edges, or symmetrically, offering great flexibility

Version SJH-F has a seat, to maintain the joist while setting fasteners. The other version doesn't have a seat, allowing the joist to be put in place if connectors are set on header first.


  • Käyttöluokka 2
  • Intérieur
  • Acier galvanisé Z275


Tekniset hyväksynnät : ETA-06/0270

Galvanized steel S250GD + Z275 according to NF EN 10346.

  • Great flexibility
  • Two references can replace all joist hangers for joist from 97 to 300 mm height and from 35 to 140 mm width
  • With a full threaded screw, it can be used with joist up to 300 mm height
  • It can be used with internal or external flanges, or both
  • 2 pairs can be used to increase the capacity
  • Smaller cartons than with usual joist hanger



  • Supporting member: wood, concrete, steel.
  • Supported member: solid wood, composite lumber.
Intended Use
  • Joists.
  • Refurbishment of existing assemblies.