What is Quik Drive?

A collated screw system like no other, Quik Drive couples up with all major screw guns, allowing them to receive collated strips of screws that can be driven into floor, wall and ceiling materials in a fraction of a second. 

A fastening solution for every situation

Alongside the equipment, goes a huge range of screw types, each designed specifically to fasten materials such as:

  • OSB
  • Plywood
  • Drywall
  • Decking (softwood, hardwood and composite)
  • Steel
  • Fibre Cement Board
  • Construction Connectors

All of which can be fastened down to substrates including timber or steel.


The Quik Drive system comprises:

  • Quik Drive tool
  • Specialised nose pieces
  • Screwgun adapter/couplings
  • Screw pick holder/quiver
  • Driver bits (also included with screws)
  • Extension to operate on floors and ceilings without crouching or stretching
  • Carry case
  • System components (click to expand)

  • Quik Drive system features (click to expand)

MTHZ - for fastening underlayment to timber or steel

The MTH underlayment screw is designed for fast and secure underlayment to subfloor installations. Unlike nails, the MTH underlayment screw has an intricate high-low thread pattern designed to prevent squeaking by holding plywood tight to the subfloor and thus preventing withdrawal.

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